First prints on the new Taz!

We bought a Taz 3 from lulzbot and I (Skyler Ogden) have been trying to get it tuned in just right!

I local company had a broken plastic component which took their whole assembly line out of commission. Many locals were out the job until a replacement could be shipped in from Italy, which was going to take 10 days!

What a perfect opportunity to put the Taz through it’s paces!

I received the part at right around 10:00 am and I had a replacement printed and in their hands at just around 5:00 pm that day!


Left is the original and right is the 3D printed replacement!

Left is the original and right is the 3D printed replacement!



One of the members at the Knox Maker space is an industrial designer.

Check out some of his work at


Hanging out at Knox Makers

Hanging out at the Knox Makers Tuesday meeting Don’t worry just on work travel.


I had a lot fun tonight. They have a Cray computer, a boat they are building, and 3D printer.

A wood sign with their logo.

A wood sign with their logo.



A boat they are building using lightweight construction techniques,

A boat they are building using lightweight construction techniques,

A mendel printer they built and use.

A mendel printer they built and use.

And what maker space would be complete without the Cray computer.

The Cray at Knox Makers

The Cray at Knox Makers

Playing around with a PS3 Joystick on my Ubuntu Box

Just plugged in the joystick and install jstest-gtk and the PS3 joystick works for a joystick in Ubuntu.Screenshot from 2013-02-09 17:21:59

Karl playing around with Kinect on Ubuntu

Screenshot from 2013-02-03 19:59:58

Cool stuff happening with the cube!

Oh man!  Tonight was a fantastic meeting with the Makerspace.  I am so glad that so many people were able to come and join us.  Last week we wired up the LED cube to our breadboard with the shift registers and started really working on the code to do stuff with the LED’s.  Tonight we continued with the work on the code and we captured a few videos of the code we had worked up. I will add the videos at a later time. Thanks again for everyone who came! It was really great. 

We got the cube going…

…mostly ;)

Tonight was awesome! We got the Cube completed, the circuitry is completed, the code works and just needs to be fleshed out for controlling the cube. We also got part of the actual cube wired up (in no distinct order right now) and tried out the code.

Here are a couple of videos of the Cube

The cube with the lights off.

The first run of the 8″ cube

We will be getting together next week, same bat-time, same bat-channel.

LED Cube code in SVN

Hello everyone! We worked on the code that would drive our now completed 8x8x8 Cube! I have checked in the code to google code and you are more than welcome to check it out at

All you need to do is check out the code from there, and you have to have the Arduino IDE and open the .ino file in the Arduino IDE. That’s it!

We will be working some more on the project this week, so come on by and check it out!!

Makerspace will resume normal operation on January 3rd

Happy Holidays everyone! We have decided to postpone further work on the cube until January 3rd. Everyone enjoy your holiday season and we will hopefully see you next year!

Almost there!

We have just the final layer of the 8″ LED cu e to solder together! We also worked on some code that might be able to drive the LED cube, and with a big thanks to Karl, we now have an example layout of the circuit that will select the layers. Come join us this Thursday again and lets see if we can’t get this thing going!